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Guitar, Harmonica, Trumpet, Mandolin, Banjo and a raft of African Finger Pianos: Kalimba, Sansa, Mbuti, Mbira, Morimbula, and Rhumba Box.

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no resulttest Dear Friends, David and Roselyn are performing with Arlee Leonard at SWEET RHYTHM , Tues December 28th 8PM and 10PM, 88 - 7th Ave. S. (Bleeker/Grove), NYC, 212.255.3626 "CELEBRATING LOVE AND PEACE" David and Roselyn will be performing at TIPITINA'S in New Orleans, Wed, Jan. 5th, 11 p.m. Call 504-949-3001 for free passes to TIP's.
David and Roselyn <info@davidandroselyn.net>
USA - Monday, December 27, 2004 at 09:06:02 (EST)

Are buskers in New Orleans required to have a permit in order to play in the quarter?
Neil <corneliusmcgreevy@hotmail.com>
Omaha, Ne USA - Monday, December 20, 2004 at 09:45:34 (EST)
Looking forward to meeting you in New Haven!
Linda and Gary Friedlaender <gary.friedlaender@yale.edu>
New Haven, CT USA - Sunday, December 19, 2004 at 14:12:26 (EST)
USA - Thursday, December 16, 2004 at 15:25:52 (EST)

I bought a tape off you guys in venice ca..and fell in love with it...But its toast...overplayed and now I am screwed.. Its "KISS IT" ( and make it better) I love the way you do Marielaveaux...How can I get another?? dgmd@earthlink.net and dgibson@aeronet.com

david gibson
December 10, 2004


Hi David & Roselyn

Just thought, on a whim, I would put my first name in "google". I thought I was the only Roselyn in the world but I find that I am not alone. Good to see you and your partner seem to be so successful. I hope you are both happy.

X Roselyn Dredge (nee McArthur)
December 19, 2004


i just know your music on the web right now and i really enjoy .
i'm a french guy fond of american music from the 30's and i project to go to New Orleans next month of January, so i just wonder if you personally give some guitar lessons or if you some guys who can do that in this style ; and maybe you 'll have some advice about rent a room and everything in NO .
thanks a lot for your answer Gael
gael audier
December 12, 2004

Nice to meet you.
You are both a significant part of Louisiana history. I am one of Nancy Sly's friends living in California. Bless your day.Veronica German
Veronica German
August 08, 2004

Harmonicas and Stuff

Hi David & Roselyn,

Nice site, we would love to be a link on your site if possible, and offer you a discount on our products, we offer harmonicas, saxophones, accordions, melodicas and lots more!

Harmonicas and Stuff


July 28, 2004

I am trying to find information about New Orleans solicitaton permit.

Specifically, can a person get a permit to panhandle in N.O.

What is the procedure?

Please e-mail: flowerken@yahoo.com with any informationa you have.
Ken Winniford
July 10, 2004

wanted to ask you.........

Hey guys, my name is luke. I stumbled upon your website while looking for some info on busking in new orleans and various other cities and it seems like you guys might be some nice people who could give me some tips (where should I go, do I need a permit, if so are they strict about it?) if you guys had a spare minute maybe you could email me, I'd really apreciate it


hope to here from you, keep jammin!!!
Luke Pombier

June 12, 2004

Belzoni Catfish Festival

David & Roselyn, Heard you today 4/3/04 in Belzoni,MS. We are Mississippians who have never been to the New Orleans Jazz fest. We were so glad we decided to go for our first time to the Catfish festival when we got to hear your music.We absolutely were enthralled! Loved it! weillpu1@aol.com
Roger & Ann

April 03, 2004

lome togo
the site is very good
okoro uchenna
March 30, 2004

|I hope you were compensated! So, I'm watching American Idol on Fox last Tuesday... and they're doing a montage for one of the contestants who is from New Orleans (George Huff, love that guy!). And, while they're flashing around the French Quarter, who do I see but my favorite street musicians on-screen for just a second!! Yup, that's right. You were on American Idol! :o) I hope you were compensated for your special guest performance! Love,
Ashleigh Lightfoot
March 22, 2004

Belated thank you

My wife and I saw you in Jackson Square in about 1992 and it was fantastic. I am a singer-songwriter and also love to play out for the folks. We own and operate a coffee house in SE Wisconsin. If you ever come to Northern Illinois or SE Wisconsin,we have connections to many fine venues. It would be wonderful to see you in this area someday.
Thank you. Your music in an inspiration.
Pat Clark
Daily Brew Coffeehouse

Patrick Clark
February 11, 2004

Remember the time? Hi David and Roselyn. Remember leaving Autumn with me when you had a gig during the school year up North? I think of you from time to time when I pull out my old photos.Fiona is in college now. Played music up until child #3 was born. I'm thinking about jumping back in.Good to see you're still jamming.Hugs, Sandy
Sandy Smyth now Moore
January 24, 2004

Greetings from chilly CT
Dear David & Roselyn,

I was fortunate enough to hear you on several occassions this past week while I was visiting New Orleans for the very first time. I was very impressed with your music. In reading some of the preceding messages, I see that your daughter goes to Yale. Is there any chance that you might someday be playing up here? Please, please, let me know if you are planning on doing so. I would love to hear you in person once again, as well as have all my friends and relatives have the opportunity to hear you.

Thank you so much for making my first trip to New Orleans so memorable.

Yours sincerely,

Harolyn J. Erickson
January 19, 2004


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This will be the first spanish speaking store and it´s a new market for your music without manufacture costs!
If you are interested in participating please get in contact with me in order to tell you how to take part.
Thank you!
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January 15, 2004

David and Roselyn, Been awhile. I-ve been living in France and playing ragtime for the last coupla years. Sometimes I tour with Danny Fitzgerald and the Lost and Wandering Blues Band. Stay in touch. Frank Schaap at Yahoo.com. Joyeaux Noelle et bon annee pour vous et votre famille......f. frank says hey
5:11 am December 25, 2003

Hello From Ol' Europe Saw you playing in the Streets of New Oreleans some time ago - great performance :) I love your music. Cheers from Switzerland/Europe Fabienne
December 14, 2003

HEY hey, just dropping a line to say hello etc, etc...hope all is going well in your worldly travels across the globe and such...if u is in new orleans tell all i say hello, even seva...i is still in ny, and, if anything interesting goes on or there is any news, (sad somber or moderately amusing)i would love to hear it..saw frank schaap around spring...last i heard he got a brand new set of choppers..with love and suchbilly..... maestro8995@yahoo.com


December 06, 2003

Rhumba box

Where do you get your rhumba boxes? My wife is going to Jamaica soon, where could she find one there, she'll be in Kingston primarily? kofi
September 28, 2003

Incrediable David and Roselyn

Dam I'm so glad that I ran into youre street peformance while I was in New Orleans. I asked you to play the blues and you played "Love In Vain" it was terrific. I did by a CD and have played it over and over.Roselyn you mentioned youre daughter goes to Yale and that you might be doing a gig here in Connecticut. I sure hope I here about it. You 2 wonderful people are a joy to listen too.Would love to hear you get into some real heavy blues. Thanks for a memoriable time in New Orleans
September 14, 2003

from Baltimore
Dear David and Roselyn, I saw you on Broadway, in Baltimore, about fifteen years ago. We spoke , and you were an inspiration to me in my music, and working on the street. (I play flute.)Baltimore doesn't have much of a street scene, but a few of us are working on it. I am so glad that you are still playing, and congratulations on your anniversary .Thanks for all you have done.
Esther T. Esther September 10, 2003

michigan tour
Hi folks, Your friend, Gary Keyes, suggested that I email you. I live up in Traverse city and have been promoting shows up here for the past 13 years. If you have any desire to consider any dates in Traverse City, please feel free to email me at musicmanseamus@hotmail.com.
sincerely,seamus seamus shinners
August 15, 2003

Hi!!!My name is Natalia(Spain). Just writting you because I´m trying to get in touch with your daughter Autumn. I meet her at the Metairie Park Country Day High School, and it was like 8 years ago.....I would appreciate if you could help me.I can be reachad at the email address below.Thanks!!!nativs@hotmail.com
July 27, 2003

your neighbor from Laingsburg

i David and Roselyn,I lived nextdoor to you when you played at Jambalay's. I just wanted to say Hello from sunny California. E-mail me back if you get a chance. Handymanwib@mercednet.com Kevin Kevin
July 12, 2003

I love you guys!

Dear Aunt & Uncle, I just thought I'd tap out a few lines to you. I think about you when I hear joyful music playing. I hope all is going well for you. I am also thinking about visiting New Orleans at the end of this summer. I don't know if you guys will even be in the country, but I'll definitely keep you posted. Tell my cousins hello for me. I love you a lot!Your niece,

Melonie J. Martin

June 09, 2003

I got to play with them Kreig White here. While strolling with my family in The Quarter Sunday, I met these fabulous people. Ms Lionheard even had a banjo for me to play. "I Get The Blues When it Rains" never sounded so sweet. I want to thank Roselyn and David for setting me sit in. I would be delighted to do it again.

Kreig White

June 09, 2003


Kevin Ticket confusion at the Howling Wolf...I took care of your Screwdrivers. If only you didn't live in Cali...You're a gem and if you come across this message in a bottle-please drop a line. I can tell you more about the Native Americans.



May 05, 2003

Heard you on the street, during the French Quarter festival, then made quite sure we heard you a few times morebest wishes from England

Charles and Shoishana Finn

April 28, 2003

pointless sisters

Hi,I bet you will be surprised to hear from your street backup POINTLESS SISTERS. We saw your web site and just wanted to say "hi".You were all good sports to let us sing with you.You made our dayWe may see you again next year.Take care and keep on singing.GOD bLESS.



April 15, 2003

02 24 2003 saw you in '72 WOW! Just looked you up for fun to see whatever happened to... I was a senior in high school in the suburbs of Detroit. We used to sneak in to a bar and see you every time you played.I remember you guys like it was yesterday. Didn't you do "It ain't fair, John Sinclair, in the clink for breathing air" or something like that.Glad to see you're still making music and memories. vicki@sapphireskies.net
February 24, 2003

I am coming to visit
Hello, I would like for you to email me with your phone number or give me a call. I am coming to visit you sooner than I thought. I will be arriving in New Orleans this Friday the 7th of Febuary and I will be staying there until Tuesday the 11th so email me with the number please. Ladyleshon@aol.com
Love LeShon.
Leshon Mitchell
February 04, 2003

Have a great time 2003
Well, nice to see you in the net. We are eager to see you back in Berlin very soon. Are you comming here?All the best for 2003 and millions of hugs for your aniversary. Boy, what a couple !!If you don't remember me, I played the congas on "Dirthy Old Man".Lots of luv...Tommy Tommy Goldschmidt
February 02, 2003

from t.o. to n.o.
hi roselyn and david and happy n'year in n'awlins! it was a buzz to meet you in the french quarter, actually, run into you, with kitty as we wound around that sensational city. kitty bought two cd's and have started listening as well as reading charles kuralt's story on you guys. what material you have to share! it was a blast and well send you pics, if you like?? as a video producer, i'd love to maybe put something together on da ro, or write a story? what do you think? cheers from kittyandgordon@hotmail.com gordo
January 10, 2003

Creaky but breathing

I finally thought of the net to contact you. Irene and we talk about you frequently, especially as I am doing the entertainment programming for next summer. (Yes, we are still doing Sawdust). I presume there are half a dozen reasons why it would be difficult if not impossible for you to show up in Laguna, but think on it, and advise.I was going to try to hire Arlee, thinking she still might be bouncing around L.A, and it was gratifying to the max to find all that Arlee stuff that Google belched forth... so, she is out of reach also, congrats to her.Send me an email address, so I can extemporize as loquaciously as is my wont.We have been in Flagstaff for twelve years (gasp!). It ain't just the home of the Blues. (Those Hopi and Navajo may be close to the Spirit, but they don't synchopate). When we go to Laguna, we infest Dave Cross's loft like church mice.How's Stormy. Big, we bet.You may know we lost Rodney a couple of years ago. Not so many laughs around the show anymore. He knew better, but sauced himself into an early demise.

D & R Dion & Ruth
December 08, 2002

Long Time No See Hi, David and Roselyn,

Haven't seen you in ages! I keep meaning to get in touch with Arlee, too. (I'm gonna have to, because I'll be in NYC between Christmas & New Years.) I think of you often, though, and I've worn out all my old cassettes of your music, back from the old Santa Cruz and Aspen days. I gotta buy the CD's now! Anyway, I am sending my friend Andy to look you up since he's in New Orleans now. I hope he catches you--I've been telling him how great you are, and what wonderful people too.

Hope all is well with you. If you ever make it through Tucson, look me up! (kali@kalital.com).

Much love,Kali Kali Tal

December 09, 2002

David and Roselyn,

I work with an event down here in West Palm Beach and was interested in having you two perform. I would love to hear a bit of your show, however, I am having trouble getting it off your website. If you are interested in performing could you please get back to me at awithers@sunfest.com. Thank you! Ashley

December 09, 2002

hi its harmonicamatt

i hope your ok and well currently im employed by america via enterprise records ive done this song runnover in memphis which id like to record in memphis next year im currently working with a stringbass player nervous pauless eggsley which reminds me of the late stephen hansen now sadly dead still the blues roll on ihave a live recording which has 3 of my own songs the road of the bard has most of my own songs and an account of mytravels in the usa

September 30, 2002

Dropping a line just to say "Hi". I am happy you were here again in Cafe Harlem. I hope that you stop by again the next time you're passin thru. Luv Ya,Wini Wini (Cafe Harlem Berlin)

September 22, 2002

I have your tape "New Orleans Style..."1984. I saw you years ago in Washington Square Pk, New York and I remember saying to you then that I alsosaw you in one of my 2 visits to New Orleans. I don`t visit Wash. Sq.Pk.that often either. I can`t be imagining the whole thing, since I havethe tape right next to me here.


August 10, 2002

Nice site! Great sounds and videos.I think we have some mutual friends.Some in New Orleans, some in Köln, Who knows from where else?We will meet up, and we look forward to that time:)'til then, come visit and drop a line!http://www.lance-n-donna.comYour Blues Troubadours,

Lance & Donna
August 07, 2002

Hi Ya

I would like to say to Roselyn just what a wonderful name she has same as myself i come from Scotland and just typed in Roselyn to see what came up on the screen and here i am. So hi Roselyn good luck with the music.lots of Love Roselyn from Bonnie Scotland. Roselyn Smith

July 19, 2002

music-server from austria

hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria ! please feel free to visit www.race.at our austrian music-site and leave us a note... Georg

July 18, 2002

Saw you at Jazzfest Hi David & Roselyn. Saw you at the Jazz tent at this years Jazzfest. Thanks for stopping by our guestbook at www.STLBlues.net
June 11, 2002

russian Christmas early 70's

Hey been a long time. Sent you an email hope you get it. Marty and I both live in Florida now, Terry is in Pennsylvania, Carole in in Mass.

Mike Thompson

May 21, 2002

from your Paris Pal

David and Roselyn,

Great to find you on the web and that you're still going strong!This is your longstanding fan (Venice beach circa 1980 -- my God has it been that long?) and, happy coincidence, Paris circa 1992. It's time for our 10-year rendezvous again... when are you coming back to France? Jean Jean O'Sullivan May 09, 2002

I read so many reviews about your CD.I was wondering where can I get a coy of your cd there is so much that I don't even know about you cousin in Flint,MI. When are you coming to Flint to perform? We do have a Jazz Festival in August. It would be awsome for you and Arlee to perform . Your cousin DeborahSharni@EXCITE.COM Sharni@excite.com May 09, 2002

Funny thing
Hi, My name is Roselyn too. The funny thing is my husband's name is David! We went on the internet and for fun punched in our names and were amazed that this site came up. It is such a funny coincidence!! Roselyn
May 03, 2002

Aunt Roselyn & Uncle David! Hey, this is my very first time going to your website. It is really nice and I am sharing it with my students. I am very proud. I also just got an email from Arlee. That's how I got to your website. Hopefully, I will see you guys again soon. I love you!Melonie Joyce Melonie March 18, 2002

Bahia, Brazil

Hey I'm back in black. And I ain't giving you no slack. Hope the gig is a hit, in other words enjoy it. I've seen the house on Kenilworth and passed it many times in my travels to Clark. Now I know where but don't know how. Remember the Social clubs, Golden Leaf etc., and such stores like Davis's next to the community center where I got my first immunization shots? And when was the last time that you seen Clark School? When I was there in Flint in 2000, a part of it was still up for sale. Well so much to still do and I want to still perform with Arlee (if she will let me) at Snug Harbor next Wednesday Feb. 27,2002. Peace and Love and Happiness!Count Zhango Bop CountZBop@aol.com February 21, 2002


Re: Your Brazil gig, you really ought to get in touch with Tom McDermott who was down there in December and had a ball. Its tmcd@ix.netcom.com or 486 4455. You can tell him I suggested you talk to him.Cheers! Steve Steinberg

February 03, 20

back at last

My daughter and I saw you about two hours before we left New Orleans four years ago. She bought a CD and I bought a tape, which we have played over and over. Thought of you many times and wished that I could have seen more of you. You know how it is living your daily life. Have not had a chance to go on ANY vacation since then. Well, finally I get to get away from San Francisco to come to New Orleans the end of this month. I will be looking for you down at Jackson Square, where you were when I was there last. I hope that you will be there. You were a highlight of my trip last time!!! You have brought many hours of enjoyment with your music. Thank you so much!!! eugenia February 02, 2002

Gong Show & Hello David And Roselyn - This was my first visit to your new website. Just checking on my friends and hope all is well with you and yours. The video clip of the old Gong Show is too much and you won! I got a real kick out of seeing it. Best always Jerry Brock December 13, 2001


Hi David & Roselyn,Do you have a Christmas CD? If not any plans on making one?

December 14, 2001

HELP ME NOW!! hello.. i am doing a project for Centenary College in Louisiana on Marie Laveau.. and i really want to use your song. but i cannot find the lyrics or a clip anywhere and my project is on monday dec. 3. if you get this in time.. please help.. heidi dufrene

December 01, 2001

hi its matt griffiths ive given a tape of yours to the borderline i played a song of yours marie lavoux at the british championships and got highly com,mended i have the river of life cd harmonica matt'comstan flat6 471a caledonian rd london December 26, 2001

more gigs

See us at Jambalay's every Sunday from 5:30 to 8:30--in Laingsburg,north east of Lansing.Also at Risto's Bistro in Owosso on Thursday,Oct.12. David and Roselyn

December 10, 2001


We will be at the Motor City Breweing Works on the first Fridays of November and December.

David and Roselyn

December 10, 2001

Dally in the Alley,

Detroit Hi! Your show was great, in spite of the horrendous weather. Sorry you got rained out at the end of it. I'll see you on Royal Street in a few months. Keep up the great music! Susan Allen
September 24, 2001

Hello World

We are in Michigan--probably for several months. If you know of places we can play in the Detroit-Lansing-Saginaw triangle--or even beyond--let us know.We are playing at Jamalaya's in Laingsburg every Sunday from 5 to 8 pm.Absolutely grreat food--New Orleans style and beyond.On Wed. Sept 26, we'll be at the Cigar Lounge at the Redwood Lodge, just south of Flint (810-233-8000), from 6:30 to 9:30.On Oct.4 we'll be at Risto's Bistro in Qwosso from 6 to 9 (989-723-3143), and this is again a supper club.On Friday, Oct.5 we'll be at the Detroit Brew House at Canfield and 2nd Street across the parking lot from the Traffic Jam--the Brew House supplies the beer for the T.J.--from 10 to midnight.Hope to see some of you'all at one of these gigs.

David and Roselyn

September 22, 2001

Always a pleasure to hear you!

I have been a frequent visitor to New Orleans for many years. The city has a magic and an allure that always brings me back. Perhaps one day I'll live there. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy hearing you guys, and how good it is to see you performing on the street or in the square, whenever I return. Your beautiful sound and warmth personifies the great sound of New Orleans. When I first started going regularly to Jazz Fest, I was sitting in Jackson Square (my favorite pastime, when I visit), and that is when I heard you for the first time. It was my first night in town after several years, and just kicking back, listening to your great tunes, made me feel great, and at home. Someone requested "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?", and hearing you play that at that moment was very special for me. I wish you both continued success. Your website is great...I had no idea you had one. Interesting to hear about all the places you've been. And 40 years married! Wow! What can I say....congratulations!! I anxiously await my next trip to N.O. in November, and I hope to see you once again. All the best from Key West, Florida (would be great if you can swing down here some time...you'd do great).

Take care,


July 08, 2000

helloooo nice website , very pretttty- sitting in Key West- hello , hello, hope u r enjoying tour

July 15, 2000

Excellent Performers

Hey Roselyn & David,Caught the end :-( of you show on Tuesday the 29th of August at the Oregon State Fair. Wish I had known about you or found you earlier in the day instead of 8:30 PM.I am the one who was in the wheelchair and asked you about the song "Ico". I've begun my letter writing campaign to the fair committee and will send you copies of them as promised. I've been going through your website and it's great----except-----why no music background?? I would have thought you of all people would have a midi or wave background.....have to work on that ;>) Gotta' run for now, will e-mail you later as I have some questions for you which are not music related. Wonderful performance and great voices and songs !!!!
Jan in Salem, Oregonwiljm@juno.com
Jan Wilhelm
September 02, 2000

Hello, David and Roselyn. My wife and I always try to stop and say hello in the square or at the fest. This year was no exception. Saw and greeted you both during Bob French's set "under the tent." Our only disappointment was not "hearing" you both. I very much enjoyed browsing your website. I appreciate what you both do for NOLA. PS--We have an apartment on Gov. Nicholls by Verte Marte. Hope to see you next trip.PSS--My daughters (4) always remember you both by the song, "When I Get Drunk, Who's Gonna Carry Me Home!"

Glenn Booker

September 08, 2000


My daughter and I happened upon david and roselyn on our last run through the french quarter just before we had to leave to go catch our plane. maybe it was leaving the best for last! countless hours have been spent listening to the tape and cd that we bought. each time the "joyful noise" is celebrated, i think of the last hours in the french quarter -- and when i can return. if david and roselyn EVER come to the san francisco bay area, please please please let me know. eugenia
September 19, 2000

SAW YOU! I heard your trio for the first time just last Sunday, October 29. I am the lady with red hair who stopped on the street corner and talked to the bass player and also bought a tape. The jazz style you were playing that day is truly my favorite---melodic, sultry, and relaxing. All of you play your instruments beautifully and Roslyn---you have such an unusual, mellow voice---suited perfectly for jazz. I love those tambourines on the floor, too!Will be back in New Orleans at Thanksgiving and will check your schedule.Go glad I finally found a jazz group I like. I am sure you can play any form of jazz, but what I heard Sunday I particularly like!Good luck to all! Anna DuTerroil December 01, 2000

Hello! My wife and I have been in New Orleans in March 1999. In front of the Cathedral we happened upon you and enjoined your music (and buyed your CD's, too). I've taken a pair of pictures during your performance: I will send them to you by e-mail immediately. Bye.Gianni and OrnellaVarese - Italy Giovanni Corda

December 05, 2000

Detroit Roots Hey there! Came across your website tonight! Very cool! You should really check into the Oregon Country Fair for 2001, you are welcomed to stay with us. Haven't seen you in a while and would love to reconnect. We live in Eugene now, so sorry to have missed you in Salem, did not know you were there. Earl is among the free now and living in Florida. Cher was just here visiting and we plan on emailing her tonight about your website! ~~ peace ~~ Love Paul and family Paul Fille'
December 28, 2000

Thank you David and Roselyn: I was strolling down Royal on Saturday with the girl I love, not two days after Thanksgiving, and the soundtrack to our walk was Silent Night, played on a trumpet. The moment my love and I shared as that crystal clear trumpet soaked the street was one of the most beautiful of my life. On Sunday, we were lucky enough to catch an impromtu cameo from a carraigeman who joined you all in a blues progression from his hadsome cab. That moment made me very happy. Wow. Thank you, both for those memories and may your holidays be filled with joy and happiness.


PS: Can you reccommend one of your albums that captures that down-home, no foolin', got-to-be-real blues. Something that captures Roselyn's voice at its most expressive and poingant?My eamil is leipzig25@hotmail.com
PPS: By the way, I'm sitting at home now in Miami. Did you guys ever make it down here after the breakdown in Louisiana? Do you make it down here or Key West anymore??? Brian Kirmse
December 30, 2000

Kindreds? Hello, Folks! I found your site looking for lyrics to "When the Chariot Comes". I'm a percussionist, banjoist and "storyteller" (I call it "edu-tainment" and contextualization)living out here in Tempe, AZ., doing some music in the same vein. Do you perform in between LA and L.A.? There are a couple of places here that might be good venues.You can find a bit on me @ www.azrhythmconnnection.com

Shoot me a line to:drumspeak010@aol.com

Take care, and keep on going!SGWilson Sule Greg Wilson

January 06, 2001

Record Release Party

Hey David & Rosely,thanks for the invitation to your Party - too bad I didn't happen to be around the corner that time!!! So I'll just have to wait until you come to Germany...Hope to see you soon, love, Ute Ute

January 21, 2001

Saw you in '87 I saw you at a street fair in Tucson (March '87). I played your tape for years until it finally broke several years ago. I came across the cassette case while cleaning a drawer and decided to search the net to see if you were still around. What a nice surprise to find you web site! Hope you and your family are all well. You have given me another reason to go visit New Orleans. Your performance was the most memorable event of my trip, and I was there two months. I really look forward to seeing you again.

Bob F

February 01, 2001

hello... hye whats up..still in key west, sort of got stuck..hope that y'all had a good mardi gras, spring break is coming soon here..will c u soon, if all goes according to plan here (which it never seems to, so i probably ought to not make plans) anyway tell seva that i said hello along with everyone else in nola..My email is jazz4crack@hotmail.com (its difficult to find a name that hasn't been taken, i don't figure that anyone else will steal this one) anyway, hope to see everyone soon... billy

March 03, 2001

Hey Moms & Pops!!! I know, not your preferred names, but it's me, your lovely daughter, writing from my web tv here in Dubai at 6am, when I should be sleeping! So nice to see my parents lovely faces on my tv screen! I just wish the system here would let me play your videos and hear your music. Yes, in my rush to leave New York I wasn't able to grab the CDs I wanted to take on this middle east journey, and I have none of your groovy sounds around. Well, other than in spirit and in my head!! Everytime I sing Summertime I think of you two on either side of me and us all performing it together. I'll see you in New Orleans for Jazz Fest! Mother, book those gigs now!!!Love, ArleeFor the curious, check out:http://jumeirah-beach.com (Emirates Towers in the Oh! Cajun to see where I'm singing).For those who want to check out the sounds of this wonderful couple's daughter (and yeah, I learned self-promotion from Roselyn!!!) check out my cd "Wild Honey" at:


Peace & Love Arlee

March 07, 2001

Saw you at the Byron Bay Blues Festival in Australia a couple of years back & thought you were great. I was reminded of you in a small documentry series called City Cabs (British Documentry)in which you were playing some music in the street.Hope you can make it back to Australia sometime.Thanks,Colin.

Colin B April 03, 2001

April Gigs

Hey Folks, If you are going to be in or around New Orleans this April, we will be playing: Neutral Ground on Sat. April 7th, 10p.m. Fri. April 27th, 9:30 p.m. Hard Rock Cafe Lounge, Wed. April 11th. 11p.m.with John Carey Arlee will be performing Thurs., May 3rdat Gino's in Baton Rouge with Larry SieberthOn Friday, May 4th she will grace thestage at Le Meridian.Mother's day, Sunday, May 13th, Arlee willsalute Mother's from Snug Harbor at 9and 11 p.m.David and Roselyn will add to the celebration joining Arlee in a rousing jazz jam. Come and participate in oneof the best shows in New Orleans. David and Roselyn

April 04, 2001


David and Roselyn will be performing at theNew Orleans Jazz and Heritage FestivalSunday, April 29th 11:00 a.m. Arlee will shine on vocals with Reggie Houston on sax and Mark Stone on guitarhighlighting the morning with us. Get started early on your 1st Jazz Fest Sunday.Check out our new CD, "Carnivale" withgreat photos of us by famed Jazz Photographer, Herman Leonard.Hope you get a chance to catch us inhis award winning documentary,"Frame byFrame". 6

April 04, 2001

French Quarter

Hello David and Roselyn,We just spent a week in the FrenchQuarter. Thanks for all the greatsongs, we really enjoyed watchingand listening to you. See you next year.Sherry Wells

Sherry Wells

April 07, 2001

Great street performances are really gripping! I came back for more, bringing my friend - yesterday you had two math teachers absorbed. Tonight I'm back home in Brooklyn and just finished listening to the CD I bought from you. (Do you remember a slightly English accent two days ago?) I admire you for constructing such a satisfying life - for yourselves, and for your audience. I'm sure that I'll have to have the other CD's when my budget recovers from my trip to New Orleans. Ros

April 15, 2001

Autumn Graduates from Yale Hey everybody,We are proud parents, our darling babydaughter graduates from Yale, Monday,May 21st.Anyone who wants to send congrats canreach her at Autumn.Leonard@Yale.eduWe're leaving for New Haven and thenwe're going on tour to Carbondale, Ill.St. Louis, Mo. and then Europe.CONGRATULATIONS AUTUMN ROSE!! :-))} David and Roselyn

May 16, 2001

OFF TO EUROPE We're going to Germany and France thissummer. See you there or see you herewhen we get back. David and Roselyn

June 05, 2001

06 18 2001 Hi David & Roselyn I knew that sooner or later you wouldget a website. I tried to email you,but for some reason it came back. Emailthe lazy person's way to keep in touch! I guess you won't be in L.A. this summer.Is Arlee with you? I can't believe Autumn is graduating already! It seems like just yesterday that you were takingher to New York!I'm still at the same place in C.P. Giveme a call next time you're out here!Love Nikki Nikki in L.A. via Detroit Mozilla/4.76 [en] (Win95; U) 10:3 pm June 18, 2001

Hi David & Roselyn

I knew that sooner or later you wouldget a website. I tried to email you,but for some reason it came back. Emailthe lazy person's way to keep in touch! I guess you won't be in L.A. this summer.Is Arlee with you? I can't believe Autumn is graduating already! It seems like just yesterday that you were takingher to New York!I'm still at the same place in C.P. Giveme a call next time you're out here!

Love Nikki Nikki in L.A. via Detroit

June 18, 2001

saw you in hamburg

big easy....remember, we are your first turkish friends and called you to istanbul. also we mentioned our boat, which is lying in dalaman/göcek. just to give you an impression whats waiting you there, have a look at ...... www.geocities.com/sunraturso whenever you plan to visit our people and to enjoy us with your music, contact us.our emailaysenorho@yahoo.de aysen & aras

2:45 pm June 19, 2001

just to correct it so heres the correct webside of our boat


where we would like to welcome youand our email:aysenorhon@yahoo.dewe liked your page very much. great impressions from new orleans.... aysen & aras

June 19, 2001

Greetings from germany

Hi David, hello Roselyn,I visited you in april this year, down there in New Orleans. I was so enthusiastic about your show, that I stoped and listened to your music for over 1,5 hours.Especially I liked the blues song , you were singing with this cab driver guy - wow, what a show :)I bought two of your CD´s at once and I enjoy listening to them nearly every day.But now I would like to have your other CD´s also - please have a look at the seperate email from me, according to this subject.Please let me know, when you are in germany again.Many greetings from germany and keep on swinging ;-)Yours Ernst Schauf

P.S.My email adress is "schauf@ifw-essen.de"Hope to hear you soon again :)

Ernst Schauf

June 29, 2001

Greetings Hello David and Roselyn:

Possibly don't remember me but I'm afriend of Nikki's out here in SouthernCalif. (She and I still work for the same department, but my offfice is in Long Beach) I came out with Nikki a few years back for the Jazz and Heritageand would love to see you folks again...I Love New Orleans, I Love your Musicand I have also had the pleasure to hear and see Arlee... I'm lookingforward to some future time to seeand hear you folks again??? Keep playin'the special music you do. Big Hugs. Rita Kline

July 08, 2001

Arlee said in her mail you were in Europe, mostly Germany, this summer. Please "e"mail me your schedule, as it's not on your site. Best, rs1@noos.fr

July 25, 2001


Your schedule needs updating on your web site.Are you going to be in New Orleans during August?

Don Goldwasser

August 02, 2001


Roselyn and David will you be playing in the streets in New Orleans anytime in August? Arlene

August 02, 2001


Hi everybody,Sorry about the lack of info in ourshow schedule. There is a glitch in the system and we can´t figure out how to access it.We´re going to Flint, Mi to see R´s mother and play the Friday, August 17, Dinner Concert on the River Boat at Huckleberry Village. Call Sue at 810-732-9268 for time and reservation info.We´ll still in Europe, playing around Hamberg. We had some great shows in several cafe´s in Berlin, in Braunswig and in Elmshorn this morning at the Street Fair. Ernst drove 400 Ks to watch the show and then take us out to dinner. Thank you.We have some private parties left andthen it´s back to New Orleans for just a couple of days and back on the road again.Get a CD or two before we run out. We picked up some we had left in Europe soget those orders in while we still have a couple of copies of the ones you´ve been missing.DaRo


August 04, 2001

In The Streets Of Elmshorn

Hi David&Roselin,I was listening to your great playing and singing in the streets of Elmshorn on 4th of August 2001.Your wonderful performance carried me right back to New Orleans where I had a very good time.Thank you very much and best wishes from


Matthias Uhing August 05, 2001

Dear David and Roselyn.....Nice site! I can realte to the 60's motiff. You both sound like fascinating people, and are apparently very talented. Are you related to Herman Leaonard the photographer? Hope to hear you both in person one day. By for now,'Rocky'.

Rocky August 13, 2001

song search

i heard you guys for the first time in new orleans and fell in love with "suck in your gut" how and where can i get a copy of that song?

suzie amatuzzi

August 31, 2001


David and Roselyn!

Of course, I would find you on the web in the millineum!! I first "discovered" you and your music at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach......way back when. And went to see you at the Tempe Festival several times. I just want you to know that your music has touched me and is a positive, wonderful expression! My daughter was fed a steady diet of your music throughout her life (she's 18 now) and I still cherish my original tapes and play them often. The first song that I ever heard you two perform was 'Chicago". And has become my favorite (if that is possible to choose a favorite!!).Wow! I'm so glad to see that you are still going stronger than ever! I love you two! Thank you so much for doing what you do!Love,Love,Love and Bliss,

Tracy Dove-Coppen

Phoenix, Arizona


Tracy Dove-Coppen

3:33 pm September 09, 2001

Hey David & Roselyn,We here in Ventura county, California are still looking forward toward your to return to the county fair, here (your kids have got to be grown & married by now). Loved seeing you there for many years, until you went to bigger & better places!

June 22, 2000

Hey Mom and Dad please E-mail asp @ krangkhi@yahoo.com Stormy June 12, 2000

05 11 2000 coucou! un grand bonjour de Seiches et de la classe de CM2! Nous pensons à vous, quels sont vos projets en Europe?Nous écoutons le CD de temps en temps et ça nous donne la pêche!Le 27 mai, nous recevons des enfants de Portland (Oregon) pendant 12 jours.Nous vous souhaitons du bonheur et de faire toujours de la bonne musique! Bonjour à vos enfants (une grosse bise à Arlee!). Nous vous embrassons.Bernard et la classe. bernard
May 11, 2000

Mardi Gras April 2000
Just arrived back in Glasgow after visiting the States. Had the good fortune to catch your act in Royal Street when we were in New Orleans. Thought you were great. When are you next in Scotland? Willie and Beth
May 02, 2000


saw you in prague a couple of years ago;we opened for you in Jazz Club Zelezna;Keep on keeping on...Rene Trossman
The Next Generation Blues Band in Prague - www.praguereport.com/tng rene
April 25, 2000

We loved meeting you! We just arrived back home in Minneapolis and we're tuning up the cd player so that wecan have a little piece of New Orleansin our living room. Then... we'll deliverthem to the radio station, as promised. Thank you for your good work, talent andincredible selves. You're great! David and Linda McKay

I have seen you when I was last time in New Orleans, Enjoyed it very much. This year I get 60 and I will come back to New Orleans for the 8 th time.Hope to see you again. Good luck and may God bless you.

W,Behr from Germany

Wolfgang Behr

April 17, 2000


Offbeat.com You still have time to vote for theDavid and Roselyn CD, "Praha Live" on the Offbeat.com poll.Thanks for your vote.

David and Roselyn

April 02, 2000


Hello David and Roselyn!We just got back from Mardi Gras 2000 where we saw you performing on Royal Street. Actually (if you remember) we are the couple from St. Louis who look for you on Royal every time we visit the Quarters (which is usually once a year). We ALWAYS look forward to seeing and chatting with you. Look forward to your visit to St Louis (SOULARD) and to BOBBY'S in Illinois. We're looking for your schedule for dates right now.You folks are NEW ORLEANS. We Love Ya!

Dennis and Jackie

Dennis & Jackie Overton

March 12, 2000

Hey y'all! Nice website! Very homey. -- JL Jeremy Lyons

March 01, 2000

Hi, I'm a friend of jacquie's and she let me know about your CD. I voted for your CD. It was #26 at the time. Hope it goes to the top! Josephine

February 27, 2000

One more vote! Hi David & Roselyn...Been way too long since I've seen you. Voted for your album in the Offbeat survey--good luck with that. If you ever come to Tucson, AZ, look me up.Kali Kali Tal February 24, 2000

you're the BEST of new orleans

Hey David & Roselyn, Ya'll are the best in NOLA. LOVE your new web site...v-e-r-y cool! Just re-voted for you..hope everyone else does too.with love-n-hugs-n-kisses,your friend always,

maidatamaida maida

February 23, 2000

Voted for you folks in the poll this morning. Hope you soar to #1. You deserve it.

Bob Young 7:59 am February 23, 2000

Hi! I gave you a vote. See you at the Oregon State Fair. Rusty

10:54 am February 23, 2000

Hey dude/dudette -- I voted for ya evn. New site mighty mighty!
love, t

February 22, 2000

Offbeat Votes

Hi David and Roselyn -

Sorry to hear about the Offbeat screwup. I voted for you the first time and just did again - hopefully they'll get it right this time!

Good luck -

Andrea Garland
Webmistress, MojoNO.com

Andrea Garland

February 22, 2000

We're linked! You FIRST in my links,as well you should be. You can find me at www.starlady.com


February 17, 2000

The Day and the Row

Ya'll are the greatest
I've known you for years
You can make me laugh
and bring me to tears
I'm glad you're still singing
and passin the hat
I'd join as a trio
But my voice is FLAT!
Love you guys, the new site looks AWESOME


Erika Achim Toni

Erika From Amerika
January 31, 2000

Hey David and Roselyn! John here! Just looking at your site and I love it. The video looks great. See you in the quarter sometime!


John Robbins
Thursday, January 1, 2000


David and Roselyn


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